Common Product Questions

How is the quality on these products?

Simple. These products are made with the highest level of materials we have. Some of our products are hand-made which makes them simply one of a kind.

Return Policy

I don't like my product, How do I return it?

Don’t like the product? We offer a 30 Day, no hassle return policy on all of our products.Simply reach out to and state when you made your purchase and tell us you would like to return the product. We will then instruct you on exactly how to return the product to us, and a full refund will be issued upon arrival.


How long until my product ships?

If an order is placed prior to 3PM EST, you can expect the have the product processed within 24 hours. However, please allow for up to 48 hours to provide shipping information. The average shipping time is between 8-18 days after your order is placed. However, on a rare occasion, there could be delays up to 21 days.