67 Layer VG-10 Damascus Steel Cutlery Description: 5 PC 67 Layer Damascus Steel Chef Set   Handle Material: Wood, Copper Ring, Double Steel Head - The high-carbon Damascus Steel made of 67 layers has a hardness of 62HRC... STARTING FROM $299.99 Product Info 67 Layer VG-10 Damascus Steel Cutlery German 12In Chefs Knife This Chefs Knife IS NOT Meant For Just Any Kitchen. It's meant for your kitchen, its meant for you to take all of your cooking to the next level! This German... STARTING FROM $149.99 Product Info German 12In Chefs Knife The Grub Cutter Have trouble slicing your meat? Have trouble making even cuts? Well then this product is for you! Crafted out of High Quality Steel its sure to stand up to most any challenge you give... STARTING FROM $149.99 Product Info The Grub Cutter Handforged Survival Knife     STARTING FROM $99.99 Product Info Handforged Survival Knife 8 Inch High Carbon Butcher Knife Warning: Extremely sharp right out of the box! This butcher knife never ceases to amaze. Whether it is the crafty wood handle, or awesome blade style, this knife can do everything! Includes a perfect... STARTING FROM $74.99 Product Info 8 Inch High Carbon Butcher Knife Magnetic Utility Kitchen Strip STARTING FROM $49.99 Product Info Magnetic Utility Kitchen Strip

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